VAPRO and partners are working on a new project "Implementing Vocational Education Program for Water Construction workers". In this project we will develop and test a vocational education program for water construction workers at secondary vocational level in cooperation with Dutch and Indonesian partners. Target group for the Water Construction program are workers already employed by water construction firms and graduates from SMK's (future water construction workers). The project is supported by the Ministry of Education of Indonesia and financially supported by the Dutch government (EVD).

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In this project, VAPRO and partners also developed a small work barge. This work barge, named SHIVA 1, is conceived both as a training facility and a commercial enterprise in water construction. For more information about SHIVA 1, click www.shivawaterconstruction.com

HSE Training and Certification in SMKN 7 Bandung

VAPRO International Examination and Certification Year 2016 in 4 Schools

Benchmark and Teacher Training for SMTI Makassar

VAPRO Conducted Internship Monitoring in 3 Ministry of Industry Schools

HSEQ Training for Teachers and Students SMTI Pontianak

Monitoring Internship Process for SMAK Makassar

Teacher Training for SMK SMTI Pontianak

VAPRO Held Curriculum Validation Workshop for SMAK Makassar

Industrial Workshop Led by VAPRO for SMAK Bogor and SMTI Yogyakarta

Benchmark and Interview SMK SMTI Pontianak

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