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Successful VAPRO Train the Teacher Program at Bogor

As a part of the long term cooperation between VAPRO and several vocational schools in Indonesia in order to reach International recognition of their diplomas, VAPRO organized a 5 days Train the Teacher course for teachers in the field of Chemical Operator and Chemical Analyst. This course held from 11 to 15 July 2011 in Bogor. Trainer of the course was the Dutch expert trainer, Fons van der Meer, with help of co-trainer who also responsible for translations in Bahasa Indonesia, Hendrik Kusnadi of PT. VAPRO Indonesia. In totally 22 teachers from SMAK Bogor (13), SMTI Yogyakarta (5), SMTI Pontianak (2) and SMTI Tanjung Karang (2) took part in this training.

Subjects which were trained in an interactive way and in a chemical context were: differences between teaching and learning; Work Place oriented vocational training; defining learning goals based on required competences at the workplace; development of thematic learning modules; reproductive and productive learning; coaching and guiding during internships; examinations; and finding modern interactive learning materials on the Internet. All teachers received an USB stick with a lot of background information concerning the trained subjects.

The training was successful; all teachers want to implement certain matters they learned during the training in their daily practice in school. At the end of the training Sjaak Mens, general manager of VAPRO, handed over to each participant a VAPRO Certificate “Labor Market Driven Vocational Education for Chemical Analyst and Chemical Operator, related to European Standards”.

More information about this training, please contact us.


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