PT VAPRO Indonesia is a consultancy company in the field of human resource development of technical staff in industries. We assist companies with skills upgrading of technical staff, improving HSE performance and process efficiency. We assist governments and vocational education institutes with development and implementation of qualifications, competence-based curricula, learning materials, and methods and techniques for workplace learning. PT VAPRO Indonesia is the Indonesian Branch Office of the Dutch VAPRO-OVP group which operates worldwide.

A. Companies
With its broad, long term international experiences in more than 3000 industrial companies VAPRO delivers a lot of tailor made consultancy and training services for industrial companies. All services are related to structured upgrading of technical staff in order to reach a more sustainable and efficient production.

B. Upgrading Vocational Education to International Standards
VAPRO cooperates with (technical) schools for vocational education (SMK, SMTI, SMAK) to upgrade the quality of the output of the school. This means to get certified students with better skills, related to Indonesian labour market and which are international recognized. Generally the process for cooperation with vocational schools has 3 phases:
1. Benchmark of VET programs
In this phase, we benchmark curricula, timetables, learning resources, teaching methods, internships, and assessments of a chosen vocational program with European standards. Based on our findings and analysis, we provide specific recommendations for improvements in phase 2.
2. Adapting the curriculum
In the second phase of cooperation we assist schools to adapt curricula to international standards, with a focus on profession related subjects and practical training in the school and outside the school (internship). When the school follow up the recommendations of VAPRO, we can go over to phase 3.
3. Long Term Cooperation Agreement towards international certification
In this phase, we close a long term (3 to 4 years) cooperation agreements with schools to assist them with the implementation of the renewed curricula. We provide learning resources, renewed time tables, teacher training, methods to define learning goals in internships, external verification of school exams and assistance with building a relationship between schools and industry. VAPRO provides two types of certification for schools:
- a VAPRO school certification shows that the school has curricula and exams which meet international VAPRO standards
- a personal VAPRO certificate for students which shows the diploma of an individual student meets international VAPRO standards.

C. State of-the-art Learning resources
VAPRO publishes state-of-the-art learning resources for education programs for industrial operators and technicians, in English language and more and more also in Indonesian language:
- Process Technology (CD ROMs with workbooks and textbooks)
- Process Control (CD ROMs with workbooks  and textbooks)
- Health, Safety & Environment (textbook)
- Quality (textbook)
We close license agreements with schools for the use of our learning resources.

Learn more about VAPRO learning resources.

D. Training programs
We provide training programs for company trainers, teachers and students; abroad in the Netherlands or in Indonesia. Examples are:
- Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) for (future) operators, technicians, analysts
- Quality for for (future) operators, technicians, analysts
- Basic Operation for Tankfarm Operator
- Modern didactics for technical trainers

E. Study visits to the Netherlands
VAPRO organises tailor made study visits to the Netherlands for specific target groups about a range of topics. For example:
- HSE and modern didactics for teachers of vocational schools
- HSE for company experts
- Water construction experts of companies

Learn more about VAPRO study visits to the Netherlands.


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